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Build a personalized daily vitamin pack closely tailored to your needs, backed by science.

How It Works

Backed by Science

Our scientific committee is composed by doctors, scientists and nutrition experts. We work with them closely on products development and recommendation algorithms, based upon latest research, public studies, pharmacopoeias and traditional resources.

We promise to be transparent with you on scientific research, product histories and sourcing.

From Canada

Best ingredients

Canada has abundant natural resources, including fresh water and diverse plant, animal and marine life, so we can deliver the finest quality ingredients in the purest form. Everything is manufactured and tested in Canada.

Made just for YOU

We're all unique with different diets, lifestyles and health goals, which make our needs unique. By taking our online test, you will get vitamins and suppliments that is closely tailored to your needs.

Made Easy

You don't need a vitamin cabinet anymore. We use pharmacy-grade technology to custom pack your vitamins into daily doses.